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Suspended banners in registration halls

Suspended banners on ceiling beams in registration halls serve as the most effective advertising carrier for events with intensive visitor flow and high concentration of visitors in the registration area. Placing an advertisement with your company name and booth number is an efficient way to promote your participation to the visitors on-site. Utilise this chance to catch their attention and lead them directly to your booth.

Placement period: overall event period / a month
Location Dimension (w x h)* Suspension
Pavilion 1 18 x 6 m Two-sided
Pavilion 2 21 x 10 m One-sided
Pavilion 2 1 x 3 m** One-sided
Pavilion 3 8 x 12 m Two-sided
* There is an opportunity to suspend non-standard dimension banners.
** Maximum weight is 2,5 kg.